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Tonari no Megane-kun picked up by The End scanlations

A little late in coming, but yes, Tonari no Megane-kun was picked up by The End scanlations some time ago. You can say I had a hand in making this happen. Lol.

Anyways, here’s a link to the project page for Tonari.

Japanese Resources – Kana Chart


Haven’t really been doing anything, but I did make a kana chart using 4 different Japanese fonts. Hiragana and katakana are put side by side, while the romaji is placed in a smaller font above the two (since the point is to emphasize the kana, rather than the romaji). I did not include obsolete kana. And the reason why I made it with 4 different fonts is so that Japanese learners can see the different ways in which the same kana can be written.

You can view the full pdf version here.

Editing – Brief Redraw Tutorial (and notes on speed versus image quality and size)

Redrawing isn’t so much as hard, but time consuming and annoying. Personally, I still struggle more with cleaning (especially with those low-quality scans.)


The guide under the cut:

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Tonari no Megane-kun – Progress update

Weekly posts are so hard to maintain! Looks like I might become a biweekly+ updater. I normally try to make my every one of my posts have something educational/informational or with a “reward” (like a teaser), but this one won’t have one. Sorry!

For anyone wondering on Tonari no Megane-Kun, the status is semi-working on it. I was aiming for a mid-January release, but I overestimated my Japanese skills, horrible as it is. So as it stands, the translation has been quite a stump. The tentative deadline has been moved back to mid/late-February. At the moment, I decided I wouldn’t do much more editing on Megane-kun since I really need to get the translation done… which basically means not is getting done. =\

Furthermore, I’ve recently been accepting “freelance” editing/typesetting from groups I used to work with. So if you happen to be a fan of these other projects I’m working on (which I will not name), you’re in luck! I’m working like a beast on those, hahaha. My translation procrastination seems to spell faster editing.

Xiao Qing San Guo – A project that never even started

Xiao Qing San Guo ( 笑倾三国 ) was something I dabbled in very briefly before I started Tonari no Megane-kun. It was extremely short-lived. Bad as my Japanese is, my Chinese skills are non-existent. I never studied Chinese at all, informal or otherwise. (Though, I do know some cultural and historical snippets.) The only reason I even encountered the title was because I was on a manhua and ancient China binge, and found this blog mentioning it.

Based on the pictures I saw, it’s a time travel shoujo, where the heroine gets sent back to the Three Kingdoms period. Amongst the Chinese, the Three Kingdoms era seems to be a really popular time period to make stories on. Despite being rather short, it was a very bloody time. In fact, one of the more (in)famous figures of that time was Cao Cao, known for being a ruthless warlord and emperor. In English, we have the saying “Speak of the devil.” Well, in Chinese, it’s “Speak of Cao Cao.”

Anyways, it’s not often manga with a female demographic has the Three Kingdoms setting, so I really wanted to bring at least one chapter out for the English speaking world (myself included), in hopes of stirring interest and getting someone to pick up this project. (I’m also a huge fan of time travel and transported to another world themes!) I was transcribing the Chinese characters and putting them through electronic translators or looking them up in dictionaries. I heard Mandarin was an easy language and I figured I could pick up whatever I needed along the way. LOL (I severely overestimated my language skills.) Worse yet, my transcribing was halted by Chinese characters I, nor OCR programs, could not recognize (and these weren’t handwritten characters either!). You don’t even know how long I spent looking up stroke indices… And so things quickly came to a stop before they even started. I did manage to get a page done though, hahaha.

“Teaser” under the cut:

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Translating – More Japanese Handwriting Annoyances


Thankfully, it only took me about 2-4 minutes to figure it out.  I actually initially went with yu yu [ やや ] but that didn’t make any sense in the sentence, so chan [ ちゃん ] seemed most appropriate and fit the “shapes” better.

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Translating – The Pain of Reading Handwritten Japanese

Or Sage just really sucks at Japanese.


See that text up there? I probably spent maybe an hour trying to figure out what that meant. Those of you, more well versed in Japanese than I am are probably baffled, how could I take so long. And trust me, when I figured it out, it drove me nuts how simple it was.

At first, these seriously looked like kanji to me. So my first impression was that the first 3 lines were either a weird stylized version of :

川 or 水

The second character looked like it contained the radical:

fuwhich can also be drawn as: fu4

I have no idea why, but I always relate that radical to snow and read it as FU which are both 100% wrong.  I probably learned the term fuyuki, which explains the snow and FU association (despite it also being wrong). Though I’m still not sure where the radical association came about.

According A Guide to Remembering Japanese Characters, that radical means altar, gods, show.

I’ve never seen this radical used as a kanji by itself before, so I was utterly confused. After scouring kanji stroke indices to find it by itself, I gave up, at least for a time.

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Tonari no Megane-kun – Progress Update & Chapter 6 Teaser

The editing is going surprisingly quick, but the translation is stalling in some areas. Primarily I’m being stumped by slang and accent/dialect usage. Since my interest lies in colloquial and spoken Japanese, it’s extremely frustrating that most books focus on formal/business/travel Japanese. While internet resources are a god-send, they’re not terribly reliable. Even though I say I’m a bad translator, I do actually care about accuracy. It’s just that my translating skills suck. XD Such is life.

2-page teaser under the cut:

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Editing – To redraw or not redraw…


I really don’t want to do it…

I’m currently at 3rd image, and I’m going to see if I can get away with not drawing in the shoe/slipper? thingy once I typeset.